Secrets of Shaklee Success?

The short answer to this question is NO. There are no secrets. There are steps to success, like in any business. There is no 1 simple magic formula everyone can follow. But there are some common themes that can be found in the advice of Master Coordinators…(Thanks to Heidi Ode, Dan Henderson, & Bob Ferguson for contributions.)

Possible Reasons For A Lack Of Success

1. You’re not telling your Shaklee story often enough.

2. You’re telling it to the wrong people.

3. Your approach is not very good.

4. You’re not telling your Shaklee story in a compelling way.

5. You’re not liked or believable.

6. You’ve given up or quit on yourself without realizing it.

Use The Ps of Success

1. Share the PHILOSOPHY First.

2. Share the PRODUCTS Second.

3. Share The Compensation PLAN Third.

4. Let your PASSION come through.

5. This is a PEOPLE business, you must keep the mission to help others, be it with better health and/or better wealth, always in front of you.

6. PERSISTENCE is key for longevity.

Everytime you “begin again”, whatever you define your process as, look for 10 people. Find 10 people who you would want to be on a team with you, who trust, respect, and will listen to you.

Tell them your Shaklee story without hype or pretense. Be authentic and nice. If they love it, move forward. If they don’t, move on.

Treat these people as your WHY NOT? group. If they use Shaklee products and are pleased, you can introduce the idea of them sharing their Shaklee story with others because they could possibly earn something too-why not? If they don’t want to, then give them the best customer service you can for life.

Then form your WHY? group. Look for 3 people who are coachable and understand the concept of treating a business like a business. Find 3 people who have a strong reason to want their own Shaklee business, think about their why? Sometimes this group will come out of your other group, sometimes it won’t. Help them to do what you’re doing.

These 2 groups are essentially what you need, repeated over and over again, to build your own business in time.

Now be patient, be willing to work hard, but have fun along the way. Other people like to be around people who have fun.

And if it’s not working, be willing to tweak your story telling to be more effective. Then keep going!


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