Why NOT you?


When you look at this list of the kind of people, the kind of groups, organizations, and companies that trust and use Shaklee products, it’s really quite amazing, isn’t it? The products speak for themselves. That’s the foundation we all have in Shaklee.

So what’s stopping you from taking that foundation and building up your business all the way to the top? NOTHING. How do we know? Because we were once just like you. And it started with 1 product and a spark.

Everytime we come back from Shaklee’s annual Global Conference, we are still buzzing from all the excitement and energy. Absolutely ANYONE can take what they learn from the greater Shaklee family and apply it to their life. Everyone can TRANSFORM their health, wealth, and wellness starting right now.

Next year, we hope to see some new faces sitting with us front and center in the Star Achiever and Wall of Honor sections. If we can do it, from humble beginnings, then you definitely can too. We BELIEVE in you. Because we believe in COMMITMENT. Once we set our minds to it, the sky was the limit!Image Image

Master Coordinators in our organization-the Murphys, Boltinghouses, & Fredericks-have shared their GOAL to become Senior Master Coordinators this year. We know we will be congratulating them all! Share your goal with us here, we’ll be the first to stand up and cheer for you at next year’s Global Conference too. YOU’VE GOT THIS.

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