Read My Sign: “DIRECTOR”

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While you’re out hosting Shaklee180 Parties, you might not be focused on the word “Director” as much as the other perks of the program, like 3 For Free. But even though you are following the script and letting Shaklee’s Turnaround Today DVD do the work for you, there’s no reason you can’t plant the seed of becoming a Shaklee Director to your guests at the same time. Just that word alone on a sign near your Shaklee180 samples could prompt a conversation. (Or maybe you keep that sign above the door to your office at all times for anyone to see who enters!) And if so, you’ll want to be ready with the key points to talk about in becoming a Director. (Shaklee has a Key to Rewards video that you can be sharing with others right now too.)

“There are as many reasons to become a Director as there are Directors in Shaklee. But we’ll just focus on five of them here:
1.Financial Rewards – Entering the leadership ranks means having the ability to earn more income, more rewards. Your group volume percentage increases to up to 20% on PV. You can earn $150 Power Bonuses for three months. And if you’re FastTRACK eligible, you can earn two free registrations to our Global Conference in Nashville. And of course that’s just the beginning. FastTRACK cash rewards increase as you increase in rank – $1,000; $3,000; $5,000; $25,000.
2.Rock Star Treatment at the Shaklee 180 Regional Conference – Rub elbows and be treated like the star you are by our Shaklee Corporate Team and Shaklee 180 Trainers and an exclusive VIP Reception at one of our Regional Conferences. You’ll also be publicly recognized at the event! There are other ways to qualify for this special VIP treatment as well.
3.Show Your Team How It’s Done – Shaklee is a leadership business. That means that what you do is being watched closely by those who are following you (your group). So show them what you want them to do. Determine to achieve your first leadership rank quickly, with a sense of urgency, and others will follow you. Your fast growth comes from your team’s fast growth.
4.Recognition – When you become a Shaklee Director, everything changes. You’ve entered the ranks of leadership. You’ll cross the stage to the thunderous applause of the crowd and be invited to the New Rank Reception at our Global Conference in Nashville. You’ll also receive a special Shaklee Director pin that signifies your achievement. Hopefully, you’ll have time to wear it before you reach the next rank and that next pin takes its place!
5.Privilege – You’ll also be invited to be part of the monthly Business Leader Conference Calls and Webinars that are designed to keep our Field leadership in the know about everything pertaining to your Shaklee business. You can ask questions, give your feedback and get the news before everyone else does! Leadership has its privileges, and we bet you’d know exactly how to enjoy them.”

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