Get The Big Picture And Get Better Results

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“Come to the Shaklee 180™ Regional Conferences to experience the big picture of Shaklee and how Shaklee 180™ is just the beginning.

You’ll see the big picture of Shaklee – the Shaklee Difference, the scientific integrity, the outstanding rewards that we offer to anyone who wants a better life, and how everything in our 57-year history has led to where we are today, positioned to take the lead in our industry. And you’ll hear how Shaklee 180 fits in – why Shaklee 180™ is the gateway to introducing more people to our company, products and opportunity.

If you’re trying to grow your Shaklee business at any level, attend the Regional Conference in your area. And if you just want to check it out – come for the free session on Friday night! Just RSVP and let us know you’re coming. After you hear Friday night’s message, we believe you’ll want to come back the next day and register for the training that will help you act on what you hear.

Here’s what some of your fellow Distributors are saying about attending Regional Conference:

“Recently, we had the privilege of spending time at Home Office with an amazing group of Field Leaders. All of us had a huge paradigm shift when we heard the vision for Shaklee’s future, how Shaklee 180™ came to be and how we can drive extraordinary growth in our businesses in the coming months and years. On Friday night of the Regional Conferences you will have an opportunity to capture the same vision that we did.”
–Rick and Aldona Seymour (Senior Key Coordinators, CO)

“Shaklee 180™ is not just a product. It is a system to help us meet new people and introduce them to Shaklee and to health and for some even a business option.”
– Barbara Lagoni (Master Coordinator, IL)

“Shaklee events allow you to expand your vision to the unlimited potential of building your Shaklee business and the Shaklee 180™ Regional Events will definitely do the same!”
– Pat Hintze (Master Coordinator, WI)”

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