Extra! Extra! Read All About The Extras


There is no better time to come to a Shaklee180 event and hear all about this incredible program.

“Breaking News! Harley and Jacqui at Shaklee 180™ Regional Conferences

Shaklee 180 Regional Conferences- Just announced– special guest appearances by two of Shaklee 180’s best known and most enthusiastic fans at two of our Regional Conference locations!

West Palm Beach, April 13 – Shaklee Associate Jacqui McCoy sharing a new perspective on her Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition journey, and why she now believes that Shaklee 180™ is the last weight loss program she will ever need.

Brooklyn, April 20 – Hear from celebrity fitness and diet coach to the stars Harley Pasternak why he recommends the Shaklee 180™ weight loss system to his clients and to everyone.”

So have you decided if you’re attending yet?

From Sylvie White, Shaklee’s Regional Account Manager for the Western Region:

“The growth of your business and the speed it which it grows is directly correlated to not only you attending events but how many in your organization are attending events.
Reasons to Attend:
1.You get away from all the distraction
a.Allowing you to focus 100% on your team and your business
2.Belief Building
a.You will see, hear, and meet examples of success
2.Relationship building
a.With your team and other members of the Shaklee family
3.Learn valuable Success Tips in building your business from top leaders and income earners
4.Re-charge your batteries
a.A chance to be inspired and motivated
5.Defining Moments
a.At every event there are moments, something someone says, a story, testimonial etc. that dramatically changes your perspective, attitude, or belief that will dynamically change your business in a very positive way
6.Your business will grow – It’s exponential based on how many of your team members attend
a.As a result of all the above points”

And now you can earn actual incentive points for attending!

“Need Another Reason To Register and Attend?

Here it is. We believe so strongly that you and your business will benefit from the experience of attending the Regionals, that we’re giving 25 points towards incentive trips to everyone who registers and attends one of the Regional Conferences.* That means everyone, including those who have registered already.
* 25 points towards Trips will be awarded to anyone who BUYS AND ATTENDS any of the 8 regional events in April. 25 points will be awarded a maximum of one time per Shaklee ID. Must attend to be awarded points. Points can be used for either this year’s incentive trips or next year’s trips. Points will be awarded to CURRENT YEAR Trackers of all who buy and attend. If you can use the points to qualify this year, great! If you don’t qualify this year OR didn’t need the points to qualify this year, we will automatically roll these 25 points to next year’s Tracker.”

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