Shaklee 180 & A Joyful Harvest


If you want a joyful harvest, you’ve got to learn how to plant those seeds and help them grow. Contact us and we will get you registered for one near us in Southern California this coming weekend.

Attend, Get Bigger Results, Earn the Cruise!

The 90 days before summer are peak season for weight loss, so the timing is perfect. Find out how you can achieve your goals (like earning the Cruise!) and accelerate your business by leading with Shaklee 180 at the Shaklee 180™ Regional Conference nearest you!

Check out what Key Coordinators Rod and Danette Larkin from Michigan have noticed:

“Shaklee 180 launched January 1 of this year. Here is a brief summary of just some of the results happening in our organization after the first 90 days:
•Our OV (Organization Volume) is up over 10% over the last 90 days of 2012.
•Executive Coordinator Brenda & John McCumons’ PGV is up 27%.
•Master Coordinator Kathi Minsky’s OV is up 20% over the fall of 2012.
•And Kathi had 12 Business Leader promotions in her organization!
•Upline Master Coordinator Barb Hill Behar’s OV is the highest it’s been in over a year.
The Shaklee 180 business model is working! Now here is a question for everyone to consider: Why would anyone who is a Shaklee business owner (old or new to the business) not want to participate in the hottest thing going in the business today?!?!”

Shaklee 180 is about weight loss, but that’s not all. It is just the beginning, and at the Shaklee 180 Regional Conferences you will learn how to take your Shaklee 180 customers from their Turnaround™ to the whole world of Shaklee in a way that can create long-term loyalty and increased monthly volume.

Register Today for a Shaklee 180 Regional Conference!
•Get the secrets of success from Business Leaders who have been learning the ropes over the last 90 days, and who can help you grow during the next 90 days.
•Meet Harley Pasternak in Brooklyn and Jacqui McCoy in West Palm Beach.
•See Shaklee 180 in a whole new way – a big picture vision you’ve never heard before.
•Learn how to expand your warm market through your own customers by doing 3 for Free parties.
•With the tips and tricks you will learn at these Regional Conferences, you can Party your way to a Southern Caribbean Cruise!

Here’s what attendees at our first Regional Conferences are saying about how these events altered their vision and their belief!

After attending the Regional Meeting in Chicago this past weekend my whole perspective of what Shaklee 180 is has changed. I now see how this program can help new people and long-time distributors build Directors quickly. Shaklee 180 is not just “weight loss” and “lean and healthy.” It is an introduction to a lifestyle.

Louise Rees, Senior Coordinator, IL

The Denver Regional Conference was outstanding. It was nuts and bolts beneficial — helping people understand not to fear these events — they are so simple and easy — just follow the directions.

I learned about the 3 for Free parties. An amazing and excellent way to help people get their kits free each month and to meet some great people you don’t yet know.

Linda & Lowell Dietz, Senior Executive Coordinators, CO

After being in Chicago last weekend, I’ll never miss another Regional Conference. I feel that it was my Business Turnaround Weekend. I got so much awesome information that I know will help me advance in rank and help me to help others through the Shaklee 180 program.

Shelly Dierking, Distributor, MO

I would encourage people to attend to see the full potential of Shaklee 180™ as a door opener to the world of Shaklee. You’ll also be inspired by hearing and seeing what others have done with their business and Shaklee 180™ and how you can transfer some of that same success to your own business.

Dan and Charity Williams, Presidential Master Coordinators, NY

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