How Are You Celebrating Earth Day?


Happy Earth Day 2013! It’s not too late to do something. You can make plans for a tree planting activity, offer your customers a special Get Clean product or accessory, a gift that keeps on giving back to the planet, on their next order, or just email out information about going green=er tips. You can make it a celebration for as long as you want, you can even create an Earth Day every month that you recognize and share in your business. Just do something!

Being a part of Shaklee means being a steward of the environment, everyday. It’s one of the things that has made Shaklee unique for the last 57 years. We encourage you to take part!

“Check out these creative ideas from our Shaklee Field about what they are doing to celebrate Earth Day and spread the word about Shaklee and our heritage of environmental responsibility and leadership with everyone.

We organize and host a large Earth Day Festival in Southeast Michigan with activities, entertainment and giveaways. The event was created as a way to show our community the value and benefit of our environmentally safe cleaning products. This year marks the 7th year we’ve hosted it and once again Ellie Rogers (Master Coordinator, MI), who was the impetus for the Shaklee A Million Trees. A Million Dreams™ initiative as well as the inspiration for the Billion Tree Program initiated by the United Nations, will distribute red pine seedlings along with directions for giving care to the tree. – Linda and Charlie Crawford (Executive Coordinators, MI)

Northeast Ohio boasts one of the longest-running Earth Day celebrations in the country. And ever since it was first introduced in 2007, we’ve always featured Get Clean® at this very well-attended event which sees over 5,000 people. This year our event organizers have added a Health and Fitness building and we’ll be sharing Shaklee 180™! We feel it’s a perfect fit for any Earth Day Event – not only because it has non-GMO protein and no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added but because we’re Shaklee – the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S. and the first company in the world to achieve Climate Neutral™ Certification! – Anne Siloy (Senior Coordinator, OH)

This year for Earth Day, I have invited a whole lot of new people who know nothing about Shaklee to an event in my home. I will be showing the Get Clean® DVD, doing demos of the cleaners, showing cost comparisons, giving gifts for those who bring a guest, and for snacks I will be giving my guests Shaklee 180™ Smoothees, Meal in a Bars, Snack Crisps, and Teas. A few years ago, I gave out samples and had drawings for Get Clean® products for The University of Akron’s Earth Day. Nearly everyone entered the drawing and I spent weeks demonstrating 1-on-1 and loaning out cleaning buckets and picking them up and filling orders. – Nancy Douglas (Director, OH)

This year’s Earth Day event in my community was held at our local school in Pigeon, Michigan. My mom, Jerry Schroeder, and I set up two tables and displayed our Get Clean products, Enfuselle®, Sports Nutrition and of course Shaklee 180! We used the HealthQuest newsletters to teach the public about our products and why Shaklee is good for our homes and environment. It was a great success and I do believe I met my future business leader! – Julie Aldridge (Associate, MI)

Every Earth Day I pick three of my favorite restaurants and bring them two spray bottles and a squeeze bottle containing one ounce of Basic H2® along with a Shaklee microfiber sponge and invite them to save a bundle cleaning their tables and windows toxin-free. I help them set up the two spray bottles (windows and all purpose) and have them try it out. Everyone comments on the fact that there are no noxious fumes, and they are always impressed with how it works. On average half of the people ask for more when they run out. One restaurant who had just ordered more of another brand of industrial cleaners was able to return them and pocket hundreds in savings, while protecting our Earth. I love it! – Dr. Frank M. Painter (Distributor, IL)”

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