Share The Dream, Share The Commitment


What do we do? We help people get to their goals!

How do we do it as Shaklee180 Specialists? Well…

“Getting to Commitment

Nearly everyone has a goal to lose weight, get in better shape or make more money, and your role as a Shaklee 180 Specialist is to help people identify, commit to, and reach those goals.

In this video, Rick Seymour, Senior Executive Coordinator, will teach you how every step in the Shaklee 180 process – from marketing your party through the entire Turnaround party agenda, is designed to help your customer see that Shaklee 180 is the path to the goal they already have.

Learn what “committing versus closing” means, your role as a Specialist, how to transition between the steps of your Turnaround Party and tips on “The Close,” which does not happen at the end of the party – rather it starts from the beginning when you gain commitment.”

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