Turn Up The Heat


We’re getting closer to the end of Shaklee’s Incentive Year. Time to blaze ahead towards the finish line! We can’t say this enough: You have something of value to offer, your success depends on accepting that fact then going out of your way to share it.

“Now it’s time to heat things up and make this next 45 days really count. Suggestions:
1.Rev Up Your Action Plan – We’re halfway through and now it’s time to make sure your game plan between now and June 30 is the right one to help you win. In fact, if you aim beyond what you’ll need to reach your goal, you’re much more likely to hit it. Get together with your team or call your upline sponsor and get ready to sprint – as a team! You’ll have more fun and achieve big things when you do it together.

2.Turn Up the Heat on Turnarounds! Put Turnaround™ Parties – at least two per week – in your Datebook and let the system work for you. Every step in the process from marketing your party through the entire Turnaround party agenda is designed to help create sizzling success for you and your business.

3.Fan the Flames with Our Hottest Promotion Ever – Free shipping for three consecutive months?* A $100 credit towards healthy Shaklee products?* Unbelievable! The Summer Shape-Up promotion is a crazy good deal. Use it between now and the end of the month to increase your customer’s likelihood of committing, and boost your business – through 5/31.”

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