ipad Mini-For Me?


“Help your team get to the Shaklee Global Conference in Nashville and we’ll reward you with an iPad®* Mini plus 25 points toward incentive trip qualification.

Here’s how it works: •Purchase a 10-Pack at $1990 USD ($199 per ticket) anytime between May 20th and July 3rd
•Earn 25 points toward incentive trip qualification, and
•We’ll ship you a iPad Mini (16GB, WiFi enabled) within two weeks of the end of the 2013 Global Conference in Nashville.
•Already purchased a 10-Pack? We’ll give you two extra tickets FREE (an up to $600 value), but to participate in the iPad Mini Promotion, you need to purchase a new 10-pack by 7/3.

Promotion Rules:
•Open to all Business Leaders in the U.S. and Canada who purchase a 10-pack between 5/20/13 through 7/3/13.
•Conference attendee names must be assigned to registrations by 7/3/13.
•Prize is not transferable.
•10-Pack is non-refundable and non-transferable.
•Limit one prize per Shaklee ID.
•Incentive points will be applied to count in the incentive year in which the purchase takes place (2012-2013 for May or June and 2013-2014 for July).

To purchase a 10-pack, or to receive your two free registrations for already purchasing a 10-Pack, call Jim Charon 925-924-2725”

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