Summer Solstice & Sunscreen


It’s the longest day of the year! Are you soaking in the sun? Are you basking in that vitamin D?

Do you have enough sunscreen for when enough is enough?

It’s time to get those sun protection products out, ready to use for the next couple months. You’ll be glad you were prepared, so will your family and friends you share them with.

Speaking of…have you ever shared a Shaklee “Get Clean” inspired mop bucket with people to get a sample experience of non-toxic, biodegradable green cleaners for themselves? You put in some super concentrated cleaning products ready to use in bottles with other cleaning tools, some information, and you give it to people you know for a trial period then get their feedback afterwards.

Well, here’s an idea: create a Shaklee “Enfuselle” inspired sand bucket and do the same thing all summer long. An inexpensive bucket with shovel set for the beach, a comfy towel or 2, and a bottle of Shaklee’s “Enfuselle SPF 30 for Body”. Include some literature about Shaklee’s line of skin care products, their Sports Nutrition products, and even their “Get Clean Water” pitcher filtration system so they know there are also options for staying hydrated and active all season long. Always include your contact info, be clear on the time amount they have to try your bucket out, how they can order the products from you in the future, and be receptive to whatever their feedback may be, never pushy. You are sharing, not selling.

And don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen yourself! Stay safe this summertime!

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