Happy New Shaklee Year!


“The 2013-14 Incentives and Recognition Year Is Here!
It’s the “Shaklee New Year!” That means a fresh start for you, with new trips to qualify for, and a new chance to be recognized at next year’s 2014 Global Conference. Time to put together your plan of action and get started!

First, Get Inspired!
How about this: A million shades of blue. Glittering white sands. Dazzlingly vivid natural beauty.
Dream 2014 Playa del Carmen
December 4-9, 2014
Do we have your attention? Are you imagining yourself on that white sand beach? Good! Once again, we’ve announced the destination of our Dream 2014 trip right as the new incentive year begins, so that you can use that vision to fuel your activity…now! This month!

And while you’re qualifying for Playa del Carmen, you’re also qualifying for our Top Achievers International Trip. Be in Nashville at our 2013 Global Conference to be among the first to hear this magnificent destination – it’s otherworldly!

2014 Star Achievers
Along with the new trips to qualify for, the “Shaklee New Year” means you also have a new chance to earn VIP treatment and recognition as a Star Achiever at next year’s Global Conference.

Qualifications – Anything New?
Yes, and the news is all good! Our Trip Points Program has been enhanced this year to give you increased opportunities to earn points from your business building activities.
Here’s an overview of what’s changed:

The maximum for Sponsoring Points has increased from 100 to 125. That means you can earn more points for Sponsoring than before!

The points you’ll earn for each month that you increase your Personal Group Volume have also increased. From 3 points per month of increase over your base to 5 points for the same increase!

And, the points for Net Gain First Generation have also increased – 5 points for each month of maintenance. You will now earn 20, 25, 30, and 35 points for your 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th months of maintenance, respectively.”

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