RLEI Review – Summer 2013

We’ve got some sizzling tips to stay healthy all summer long:

1.Use wood chips or charcoal that have not been soaked in fuels for your bbq, grill more veggies, & try meat-free alternatives like tempeh…2.Consider baked crackers/chips, cut-up fruit, & biodegradable/compostable serving wares as healthier options for picnics…3.Drink filtered water, keep reusable water bottles full & on hand in the fridge, & drop the plastic bottle habit…4.Get at least 20 mins. of natural sun exposure 2-3 times a week to ensure optimal vitamin D levels, then hit the shade (or wear long sleeved, darker, tightly woven but loose fitting clothing) or slather on sunscreen (don’t forget sunglass protection for your eyes)…5.Coconut oil can be used as a barrier for sun protection (blocks up to 30 percent of UV radiation), taken internally, & is useful as a skin moisturizer & sunburn ointment too (so can the aloe vera plant)…6.People who take fish oil are less likely to get sunburned than those not taking it & also have a lower risk of developing skin cancer over their lifetime according to studies on photo-carcinogenesis…7.Cover up hair from damaging chlorine, sun, & salt with a pool swimmer’s cap, beachy wide-brimmed hat, & bandana in the ocean then treat from roots to tips with cold-pressed argan oil…8.Pick 1 T.V. show to watch each day, & fill in the remaining time with fun crafts, hobbies, outdoor sports, outside exercising, & family activities (just take a skin toner to double as cleanser when camping)…9.Vacation time can lower your blood pressure & the stress hormone cortisol-do it!…10.Be sure to go to bed & rise at the same time every day, even on weekends/vacation time (avoid napping/alcohol 3 hours before bed).

Infinite Blessings! Bob, Gayle, Summer, Amanda, & Juli

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