Get Out Your Geetar


Next week, the Shaklee global family will be meeting in Music City, USA. Get out your geeeetar and get ready to sing about all the incredible things that will be shared during that time.

We always look forward the most to the announcement of new products! Shaklee already has a beautiful portfolio of products that help us all stay healthy from head to toe, but we can’t help but get excited about new flavors and new solutions and the science behind what they are creating for the world to use.

Everyone will also hear insight into what it takes, what it looks like, and how attainable it all really is to be a Shaklee business owner. You can’t even grasp the bigger picture of Shaklee until you experience the one time a year when it all comes together and Shaklee takes the main stage.

So if you’re heading to Nashville for the 2013 Shaklee Global Conference, we hope you take an open mind, a lot of notes, and have a blast!

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