The RLEI 2013 Incentive Program Grand Prize Winner Is…

CONGRATULATIONS to Dianna Gibler of Missouri!!! She is an outstanding leader in the Ewing Organization and successfully increased her PGV base by 15% in 9 out of 12 months this past year in her business. What a Shaklee superstar!

What can she look forward to? Her card and Nashville-made chocolate are in the mail while she’s celebrating in Nashville at the Shaklee Global Conference, but here’s the trick we had up our sleeve: so is her $300 gift certificate towards the KANSAS CITY SYMPHONY! She can enjoy multiple outings to hear some beautiful music in the upcoming season or take family & friends with her and really party. Either way, we just wanted to say Excellent Job and give you a prize to sing about. (And she actually is a professional singer in addition to having a Shaklee business!)

We had 3 “runner ups” who almost made it to the 9 out of 12 months increase, and we think they did an awesome job as well, so they can look forward to a little treat from us in the mail and a heartfelt appreciation for all their hard work too.

Congrats to Joyce Beebe, Earl & Jo Ann Boltinghouse, and Debbie Leslie! You are all High Achievers this year in our Incentive Program.

Thank you to all the business leaders that worked towards their goals this year, whatever they may have been, we appreciate every effort. We are all making a difference in our world in the actions we do everyday, helping people create healthier lives with Shaklee. THAT’S the real prize.

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