How Do You Feel About Synthetic Biology?

This blog post is dedicated to the debut of SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY in the mainstream. (Okay, it’s not really an introduction as much as our attempt to spread the word.) We will let the clip here speak for itself, but there is much to learn about in how it’s already developing across the globe in our food systems, technology systems, etc.

Why do we hope you share this with people you know? Well, simply, it’s important to be aware of what the future may hold for all of us if we don’t do something about it. We partnered with Shaklee Corporation because we enjoy modern convenience but old school values, scientific innovation rooted in natural principles, and honoring the biological world we are a part of while improving global conditions.

In other words, we LOVE nature and LIKE helping enhance what it already does! So that the planet is healthier and people are independently wellthier. We don’t think a synthetic world produced mostly out of labs is the way to go. We turn to whole foods supplements (not pharmaceutical grade) as supplemental to what nature provides us. Is it time to draw the line and be more selective about which progress is good and which is bad? We just might go step outside, take in some fresh air, drink a glass of filtered water, soak in some sun, and shake off the icky feeling this clip gives us.

How do you feel after watching the clip?

And if you want to start doing something about the issues it involves, start by rejecting GMOs in your food and supplements! 🙂


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