Experience the Shaklee Effect in Person


Meet us in Cerritos in November! We will be there, will you?

“November Regional Conferences
New York | Chicago | Orange County, CA
You’ve heard about it. The three words on everyone’s lips at Nashville…the Shaklee Effect. Come to the November Regional Conference in your area to learn more about the Shaklee Effect…and build skills that will create success in your Shaklee business.

FRIDAY NIGHT | 7:00pm – 9:00pm | Shaklee Opportunity Meeting
FREE to Guests and Shaklee Family Members*

Get inspired by the powerful message of the Shaklee Effect. Hear Shaklee Science stars Dr. Bruce Daggy and Dr. Jamie McManus live and in person talking about the health effect created by our products. Learn secrets to achieving the wealth effect from top Field Leaders. Celebrate success and recognize your fellow Shaklee Leaders in the region. Bring your guests – they will want to be a part of the Shaklee Effect!

SATURDAY | 9:00am – 5:00pm | Training

Get more in depth about Shaklee products and learn about the Shaklee Difference™ with Dr. Bruce Daggy and Dr. Jamie McManus. Understand the Benefits of the Shaklee 180™ Program and our key program differentiators. Also learn how to tap into your warm market with compelling invitations to drive attendance to your weight loss party, how to present and follow up. Master the fundamentals of the sharing and sponsoring process to build relationships for life, boost sponsoring and gain new customers. And get next level leadership insights and best practices from our top Field Leaders.”

You have to come if you want to hear our wisdom 😉 We hope you’ll join us November 21st for an evening in the OC! More info: http://events.shaklee.com/regionals/locations/

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