RLEI Review – Fall 2013

You are a part of the Shaklee Effect! Yes, you!

That was the theme of Shaklee’s Global Conference this year, a time when customers and distributors of Shaklee products come together to celebrate sharing the gift of Shaklee with others, spreading a communal “green” philosophy, and showing the value of a purposeful, sustainable business. We are so pleased that almost 5 decades later, we get to keep that effect going, creating healthier and WELLthier lives. Thank you for your commitment to the Shaklee lifestyle and your support of our small, family business!

2 new flavors of the Shaklee180 family of products also made their debut over the summer…Say hi to Vanilla Chai! An exotic, seasonal option of the Energizing Smoothee Mix. And you can indulge in a Toffee & Chocolate Crunch Snack Bar, melt in your mouth satisfaction. We’re calling it RLEI Nutrition And A Mission, a nutritionally sound way to help you take your shape in a whole new direction. There are other ways to lose weight, but not necessarily healthy ones. And that’s what Shaklee’s products are for!

Up for a challenge? There are 3 ways in the next 60 days to Power Up and $$earn$$ with Shaklee. Anyone and everyone can do it. This might be your moment to consider making some money with Shaklee.

If you’re local to us in SoCal, consider joining us on November 22nd at Shaklee’s Center in Cerritos for a Shaklee Experience event, to learn about products, the culture, and powerful simplicity of the income opportunity.

Infinite Blessings! Bob, Gayle, Summer, Amanda, & Juli

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