It’s PARTY TIME for the Ewing Shaklee Organization!


Hello to all the Leaders of our Ewing Organization!

You ARE the Shaklee Effect. Almost 50 years ago, our parents and grandparents purchased their first bottle of Basic-H and each and every one of you is a direct result of that singular action. And we couldn’t be more grateful of how you continue to extend that ripple effect, now 10, 11, 12 levels deeps in our down line organization. It’s truly a humbling realization.

Next summer, the Shaklee Global Conference is heading back to our area, just as we will be toasting the 50th Anniversary of our family business. We hope you will join us and celebrate in Long Beach! Our Incentive Program this year is very simple: we encourage you to sprint towards your goals this year, work hard, come to Long Beach, and we will have a SURPRISE for you there so you can play hard. Put your party hats on! The Home Office is offering new tools to support your Shaklee 180 efforts, accountability in building your business (2 Ready to Sprint conference calls a month with the Regional Sales Team), and even more involvement for your Spanish speaking audiences. We have altered our current Accountability Program to reflect those additions also. Please read through the details below to find out how both our Incentive Program and Accountability Program are going to work for 2013 and 2014.

RLEI Incentive Program

No need to enroll in our program this year! As the 2014 Global Conference approaches and the current Incentive Year ends, we will be notifying every business leader in our 1st-6th level downline at that time via mail of the surprise that awaits them in Long Beach. If you want to be able to party with us as we turn the big 5-0, you must be registered for the Global Conference by July 1st, 2014. No exceptions. No invitations will be mailed out after that date. So save the date now!

If you want your team to be able to join you (and we hope they do!) then that’s your incentive to help them become Directors and above this year. Find your potential new business leaders now and help them get to Long Beach with all of us!

RLEI Accountability Program

We think holding yourself accountable to your business is one of the most important aspects of having consistent growth. This can be through regular meetings with business builders in person, conference calls with your team, and even webinars to stay connected. Time management is key when there is so much to accomplish in your business. So this year, we will be working in conjunction with Shaklee Corporations “Ready to Sprint” conference calls available to you. Since the monthly Business Leader call is on the 1st Wednesday of the month also, our program will take place on the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Wednesday of every month (excluding THIS month, September, in which it is taking place this 2nd week to accommodate those returning from the Paris trip.)

For 1 hour on those 3 Wednesdays from 6-7pm PST, Summer will be available on our conference call line to check-in with you, answer your questions, address any concerns, and explore weekly Shaklee announcements. This is your chance to talk with an upline who will help you brainstorm and troubleshoot with other leaders in the Ewing Organization. We are in this together. BUT you MUST RSVP each week by 10am Wednesday in order to participate. In other words, send an email to to notify us that you plan to be on the call, and include any information that may be relevant to what you’d like to discuss. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the call will take place if no one is confirmed.
This is going to be a banner year for our business and we look forward to celebrating it. We’re gearing up for PARTY TIME and wish you the best of success in the year ahead always!

From all of us at Robert L. Ewing, Inc.
Gayle, Summer, & Amanda Spinks for Bob Ewing

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