We’re Only Human

Take a midweek breather, on a day heavy with emotional significance, and enjoy this unique article!

“Mary “Pink” Mullaney recently passed away at 85 years old.

The native Wisconsinite left behind an enviable legacy;  not one marked by fame or extreme wealth, but by love and an unmatched level of  commitment to the wellbeing of her fellow men, women and animals.

Her uniquely caring approach to life inspired Pink’s friends and family to pen a somewhat unusual obituary for her.  Topping out at just over 1,100 words, the tribute is full of touching and  surprisingly unusual bits of advice.

Here are just 10 of the many life lessons imparted in this incredible woman’s  obituary:

  1. What’s the one creature you should never hesitate to share your bed  with: Your dog(s).
  2. How to re-purpose old pantyhose: As ornament hangers,  gutter ties, and for child-proofing your cabinets.
  3. Why it’s important to carry a sandwich in your purse: You  never know when you might happen across a homeless person in need of a good  meal.
  4. How to make your car dance: Step one, find a good song on  the radio; step two, turn it up; step three, gently press the brakes in time  with the rhythm.
  5. What to do with a clingy opossum: “If a opossum takes up  residence in your shed, grab a barbeque brush to coax him out. If he doesn’t  leave, brush him for 20 minutes and let him stay.”
  6. How to thank your garbage collector and your mailman: Set  out a bottle of cool water in the summertime, or snack for them to enjoy  anytime.
  7. What to do when you visit a nursing home: “Kiss everyone,”  and eat lunch with those who are cognitively impaired.
  8. How to handle kids who won’t eat their veggies: Make it  into a game. Place them at the bottom of the laundry chute (or similar enclosed;  cage-like area) and tell them to pretend they are hungry lions. Hand them  healthy snacks through the opening.
  9. What to do with your old magazines: Bring them with you to  your next doctor’s appointment and donate them to the office for others to  read.
  10. How to treat those you don’t get along with: “Never say  mean things about anybody; they’re poor souls to pray for.”

As conflict and controversy converge on all sides, every one of us could use  a refresher course on how to live our best lives, from those who have gone  before us. Pink’s tribute serves as a reminder to take the time to turn inward,  examine our beliefs, and decide what wisdom our lives will bring to future  generations.

How do you want to be remembered?”

From agingcare.com

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