Debunked! Don’t Feed But Don’t Starve A Cold Or Fever

Some of you out there are debating whether to get the flu shots that are available right now. (For the record, we choose not to. We try to naturally assist our immune systems to stay in tip top shape.) But what can you do when you feel that tickle already coming on?

Here are some simple, underrated measures that fall under the category of Self Care:

1. Rest. Your immune system needs energy to do its job.

2. Fasting. The body always needs nutrients to perform its functions but the digestive organs are the largest and bulkiest in the body so their operations consume the largest amounts of energy. Take in plenty of fluids, like water and herbal teas, and think lighter when it comes to solids, like soup.*

3. Sweating. At the very start of a viral infection, some healthy sweating with adequate water intake can reduce the severity.

4. Steam inhalation. Sage and eucalyptus aromatic herbs in the water can increase the effectiveness for clearing up respiratory problems.

5. Nasal douching. Rinsing the nasal passages with a saltwater solution can relieve congestion and irritation.

6. Gargling. It doesn’t just help speed up healing of sore throats, it also can help with ear infections. Try a warm saline solution.

7. Hot and cold applications. Are you aware that electrical heating pads and blankets generate powerful electrical fields that can disturb delicate biological control systems? Hot water bottles and nonelectric heating pads are a safer bet.

8. Healing touch. Never underestimate the power of caring, human touch. And gentle massage even when sick.

9. Supplements. Traditional Chinese medicine has introduced tonic mushrooms into our diet (shiitake, oyster mushrooms, maitake, and enoki) and reishi can be used as a tea or extract. American Indian medicine gave us a native plant, Echinacea.

*There are many whole, organic herbs, vegetables, and fruits that make for great healing combinations too, in teas and soups that we have shared previously. Look for more recipes in the future.

And check out Shaklee’s products for Immune Support here.

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