Here’s A Trick: Treat Yourself To Supplements That Work!

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What makes Shaklee products so different? There’s the fact that they use the purest, most potent natural ingredients, backed by scientific and clinical proof found in over 90 peer-reviewed publications. There’s also the fact that they do over 350 tests on every new ingredient and over 80,000 annual quality tests. Then there’s the fact that they are made to be best absorbed for maximum benefit and are guaranteed through uncompromising formulation. And one of the most refreshing aspects is that they only include everything you need and nothing you don’t. They can stand behind their claims, no fiction here.

So is it time for you to do something different with your supplements? Get rid of all the tricks, and bring on the real treats that get you healthy!

And check out how to “Kick the Junk out of Your Halloween Treats” By Jordyn Cormier

“BOO! It’s that time of the year again! Jack-o-lanterns and cackling witches and giggling ghosts galore! It’s a spirited time of the year, when sugar-highs abound and grocery store aisles overflow with little mouthfuls of candy sweetness. But before you go stock up on Hershey kisses or M&M’s for the incoming hoards of trick or treaters (or, let’s be honest, YOURSELF), have you ever considered what is actually in all of those sugary treats? Let’s take a look…

-Artificial food dyes

-High fructose corn syrup


-Chemical flavors and preservatives

-Hydrogenated oils

Certainly, these aren’t things you want cruising around in your body, and even less a child’s. So what do you do? Well, luckily, there are a handful of companies coming out with more wholesome candies. Heavenly Organics makes a delicious peppermint patty sweetened with organic white honey. Justin’s is a well-known company that makes delicious, organic, dark chocolate peanut butter cups and nut bars. But making the biggest waves perhaps is a newcomer to the field — kid-friendly company Unreal Candy.

Unreal was inspired and created by a 13 year-old who realized that most candies were full of junk that simply made them cheaper to produce rather than enhance the flavor. His question was: Why does candy have to be so bad for us? With no preservatives, artificial ingredients or dyes, corn syrups, or hydrogenated oils, Unreal is a candy that will make both your sweet tooth and your conscience happy. They use sustainable business practices and use only grass-fed, hormone/antibiotic-free dairy in their candies. Unreal creates natural counterparts to M&M’s, peanut M&M’s, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Milky Way, and Snickers. Comparing an Unreal peanut butter cup to the classic Reese’s, Unreal has a whopping 11 grams less sugar, 20 fewer calories, 2 additional grams of fiber, and absolutely nothing artificial. Even with these promising values, eventually Unreal aims to eventually boast 50% less sugar than their junked-up counterparts. Thus far, they have reached the 40 to 48% mark, and still continue to march onwards. If more companies would follow suit, chemically-ridden Halloween candy could become more fun for everyone; with low-GI, natural candies that won’t have you hung over in sugar-glazed guilt the next day… just as long as you don’t eat the whole bag!

Most big candy manufacturers cut corners by pulling tricks like filling their products with chemicals, dyes, and high-fructose sugars. But a handful of companies have cut the junk, leaving a delight you can savor. These delights, of course, are a little more expensive than your 99 cent king-size Hershey bar. But, when you reach for a piece of candy, which would you rather have: a trick or a treat?”

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