Move Over October & December, It’s Movember for Men!

“I have nothing against moustaches. My dad has been sporting one the better  part of his life and it really suits him. But, growing a moustache for Movember  to raise awareness for men’s cancer is not the only way men can help the cause.  Here are 5 other things men can do:

You’ve heard the old adage ”an ounce of prevention is worth a  pound of cure.“ When it comes to cancer, nothing could be truer.  Eat more anti-cancer foods like broccoli and tomatoes. Add the spice  turmeric to your soups, stews, or curry dishes.  And green tea is one of  the best anti-cancer choices you can make.

Challenge other men to make changes in their lifestyle. Many  men are proud of their sports, career, or barbecue prowess; encourage them to  also be proud of their commitments to a healthy lifestyle. Many men I know are  competitive. Harness this competitive spirit to compete for great health. Who  can go the longest without eating bacon? Or stop smoking? Stick to an exercise plan?

Encourage your partner, male or female, to take care of him or  herself too. Misery may like company but positivity likes company too. Help your spouse or partner  make and stick to healthy choices. Support their effort by joining them.   Don’t keep junk food around the house. Work together to make healthy  meals.  Make the switch from cancer-containing foods and products to  healthier options.

Get informed and stay informed. Research shows that people  who are more informed about their health tend to be healthier. There are many  excellent resources that educate people about healthy food options, lifestyle  choices, and ways to become and stay healthy.

Get involved in your community or through organizations that assist  people suffering from cancer. Help a man or woman who is fighting  cancer. Many people battling cancer need assistance with meals or taking care of  things around their home. Talk to your local community organizations to find out  who might need some support.  Even small gestures of kindness go a long way  toward someone feeling cared for and supported on their healing journey.”

From “5 Better Things Men Can Do for Cancer than Grow a  Moustache” By Michelle Schoffro Cook

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