Get Some Intense Moisture In Your Beauty Forecast

Starting to feel some dry skin coming on? Skin is the human body’s largest organ. Stretched out, your skin would measure about 21 square feet and account for 15 percent of your body weight. Yeah, skin is kind of a big deal.

Our skin is the first line of defense against pathogens (bacteria, viruses, toxins, parasites and fungi) that want to make us sick. Skin forms a waterproof mechanical barrier, and although microorganisms might live all over it, they can’t get through to your bloodstream unless skin is broken (that’s is why it’s so important to treat cuts and abrasions right away).

Our skin has to deal with a myriad of attacks every day, and they’re not all germs. We often do damage to our own skin without even realizing it. Too much exposure to sun, or the use of personal care products that contain carcinogens and other toxic ingredients put our skin at risk.

The weather right now can really make your skin feel flaky, cold, and stressed out. So you’ll want to use cosmetic or skin care products that are just as good for you as they make you feel, right?

We’re on it! Check out Shaklee’s Enfuselle here.

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