Make “Making A Difference” A Priority


Is it your dream to make a difference? It’s ours too. And this time of year is always a reminder that there are not only so many things to be grateful for, but so many ways to give back.

As Shaklee distributors, we not only share what we think are the greatest products out there for creating greater health with others, we use them too. And we think it’s one of the best things we can do for ourselves, our family & friends, our customers, and also the planet. But here are some additional ideas to make a difference throughout the holiday season:

“Practical Gifts That Fulfill a Specific Need

Instead of buying mindless gifts that serve no purpose and end up gathering dust at the back of the under stairs cupboard, why not give gifts that might actually save the recipient money or fulfill a specific need? A week’s worth of grocery shopping, pet supplies or even an annual pass to one of the local amenities may not sound particularly exciting, but practical gifts show that you have given extra special thought to what your loved ones could really benefit from.

Other great practical gift ideas include:

Car care – Everyone knows that they should take care of their car but the expense is a killer. A simple case of motor oil and offering to make the change if they’re unable could mean a lot to a person.
Travel card – For those of us without our own car, a month’s worth of free public transport would be greatly appreciated.
Energy saving bundle – A hamper of low wattage light bulbs, a low flow shower head and a couple of faucet aerators will help reduce the giftee’s utility bills, and you could even install it if necessary.
Yard work – Elderly or ill relatives may not be up to weeding, raking and shoveling snow or cleaning out gutters, so how about a gift certificate for a certain number of hours’ work each week.

Buy Fairtrade

If you do fancy splurging on something a little special that you know the recipient would love, because let’s face it sometimes we just want to give a gift that is going to make someone happy even though it might not be a necessity, then make conscious buying choices and shop fairtrade.

When you buy fairtrade products you can rest assured knowing that your dollar has helped workers get fair pay, as well as help develop community projects, which could be anything from buying school supplies to creating better working conditions. Fairtrade companies also actively work to protect the environment and the people involved in the processes, whereas many big businesses don’t.

Support Charitable Organizations

There is no better time to support causes close to your heart than during the holidays. Rather than give your money to huge companies that are already swimming in profit, give to nonprofits that value every single penny raised and use it towards a greater good. Most charitable organizations sell merchandise to help raise funds so head on over to your favorite sites, be it those rescuing farm animals, those working to protect the world’s oceans or those helping homeless children, and see what they have to offer in their shop or how to help section. From calendars demonstrating all the amazing work they do to mugs, t-shirts and all sorts of other incredible gifts, you’ll be sure to find something you love.”

From “How to Make a Difference with Your Holiday Gift” By Abigail Geer

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