Support For Your Weight Loss


The thousands of studies that have been done on aging are beginning to point to one inescapable conclusion: we may be able to modify our aging process by changing what we consume and how we live.

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Weight loss—don’t do it alone.

Studies have repeatedly shown that friendly support not only increases the chances that you will stick with your weight-loss program, but also that you will be successful.i Scientists suggest group creation (forming groups of local and Internet-based support) as a way to improve individual weight-loss success.ii When people are part of a weight-loss group or team, they become accountable to each other. The responsibility to be successful for the overall benefit of the group can help keep people on track better than when they focus on their own individual success.

How do you build a group? Today, there are more ways than ever to connect with other people who are on a similar weight-loss journey. With their support, you are more likely to succeed.iii

Here is how to create your own support network:

  • Your family: First check in with your immediate family. It will be harder for you stick with your program if the rest of your family is eating high-calorie meals and desserts. Ask your household to commit to better eating habits along with you so that everyone benefits with a healthier lifestyle.
  • Friends: When you need someone to join you for exercise or to talk you though the difficult times, a friend can be a good choice. If they are also losing weight, and on the same plan as you, all the better. Plan activities with friends such as daily walks, or “made my goal” celebrations.
  • Social Networks: Facebook®, Twitter®, Instagram®, and other sites are great places to post your weight-loss goals and to find support. Try . It is a great place to connect with people who will encourage you on your journey. Post your goals for friends and followers, snap pictures of what you made for lunch, even take pictures of your scale on your weigh-ins. Celebrate each other’s success, and provide encouragement when someone is having a less-than-perfect day.
  • Blog: If you really want to make a public commitment to weight loss, think about starting a blog to track your progress. Who knows? You may become the next Internet sensation. You can also read established blogs, contribute to the comments section, and ask questions.

Bottom line? To give yourself the best chance at weight loss-success—don’t try to do it alone.

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iii Harvey-Berino J, Pintauro S, Buzzell P, Gold EC. Effect of internet support on the long-term maintenance of weight loss. Obes Res. 2004 Feb;12(2):320-9. PMID: 14981225.

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