Blasting Bulge: #2014rleifamilychallenge


You cleaned out all your pantry cabinets of junk food. You slept 8 hours last night and you feel brand new. You’re about to hit the gym for the first time in months.—

Wait a minute, we just want to make sure everyone starts off on the right foot this year. Don’t tie the laces on those gym sneakers just yet. Have you heard about what you can get this month with Shaklee 180?

1. The Shaklee 180 program will blow your mind. Actually, more like blast your bulge with products that nutritionally support you in losing weight from fat and keeping all your muscle. It’s science, and it’s been proven unlike other hyped up nonsense this time of year. You take your pick of a kit (Turnaround = losing weight, Lean & Healthy = maintaining weight), and everything you need for a month comes in a box to your doorstep. Done.

2. A crazy amount of accountability and tools. There’s an app to track what you’re eating and how much you’re exercising. Recipes. Workout videos. A whole world of exploration and a community of people doing the same thing with tips.

3. Prizes, what??? Yeah, that’s right, there’s also rewards each week just for staying in step with your tracking device. And then there’s a contest where you can earn trips to San Francisco or Paris after you’ve reached your goal in the program. For a makeover, photo shoot, wardrobe shopping. Did someone just say “bonjour”???

4. With Shaklee’s Autoship feature, you don’t even have to remember to re-order each month. The little computer fairies make sure it gets to you just in time.

5. If you stay on Autoship, you get FREE SHIPPING for your kit for A YEAR. Ya feelin’ it so far?

6. You ALSO get $100 in FREE Shaklee products after just the 3rd month on Autoship!!! (Trust us, you’re gonna want to use that money to treat yourself to more products that make you feel awesomely healthy. We can recommend our favorites, the ones we stockpile in our kitchens, bathrooms, garages…)

It’s almost too much to handle! Almost. We’re starting our own family challenge right now, it begins on the 6th, to see who is going to hit their goal weight/shape/size in 2014 and maybe be sending the rest of us a postcard from “across the pond” on a Shaklee 180 trip like no other.

You can join our family and our team whenever you’re ready.

Wait, you’re ready? Then come on, toss your kit into your virtual shopping cart and let’s do this!

*From now through January 31, 2014, new Members, Distributors and Specialists who join with a Shaklee 180® Kit or PAK on AutoShip will receive:
•Up to $20 in free shipping each month of their first three consecutive months on AutoShip (including join month).
•Up to $100 in free Shaklee products once they complete their first three months on AutoShip.
•Up to $20 in free shipping for every consecutive month their Shaklee 180® product kit remains on AutoShip for the rest of the year!

This limited time, never before offered promotion rewards new people with up to $340 of value for making the decision to get healthier…and sticking to it – perfect for “New Year’s Resolution” season.

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