The 70-20-10 Facebook Posting Guideline


This is the best advice we’ve seen yet on approaching the business you do on Facebook from a “metrics” point of view.

Oh, social media. It’s such a love-hate relationship, isn’t it? Even though this graphic was made for traditional retailers, it really still applies.

When sharing all things Shaklee on Facebook, keep this rule in mind: 70% of your posts should be informational, anecdotal, testimonial, engaging about you and how Shaklee factors into it.
20% should be posts that you “share” from elsewhere, which gives credibility to what you do and enhances the kind of things you already post about Shaklee.
And only 10% of posts should be promotional in nature. Linking to products in your Shaklee PWS, inviting people to hear about the Shaklee Opportunity at an event, etc.

Stick to that rule and it will help you navigate this social media world we’re all a part of now and do positive things for your Shaklee business.

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