Keep Working On It, Workin’ Out


With all these new, delicious flavors and all the enhancements to the Shaklee 180 program, including the free shipping promotion happening right now, this month of sharing the Shaklee 180 program is really in full throttle. Are you on the program yourself this year, sticking to those resolutions? Are you helping others get on the program?

Have you tried any or all of these community building ideas?

•Create a regular Shaklee 180 support call or meeting.
•Create a closed Facebook® group for your Members and builders to share challenges and strategies for success.
•Host walking or exercise clubs with local Members.
•Share tips on healthy eating, exercise, smart dining out with program participants.
•Give regular shout outs to team members who are having success with the program during your regular team/business meetings.

Whatever you’re doing, keep it up! And keep “busting your butt” OFF (losing the fat there anyway maybe!). 2014 is YOUR year to reach your weight loss goals and grow a lean, mean residual money making machine of a business by helping others do the same.

We’re workin’ out while working ON it too!

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