Are Millenials Abandoning “Regular Jobs”?


The tides are turning…even though our family has 3 generations of entrepreneurs thanks to Shaklee, check out this article and infographic about the trend for millenials:

“Unlike previous generations, for many millennials climbing the corporate ladders isn’t a goal they are striving to attain…While the motivations for branching out into the world of entrepreneurship run the gamut, the No. 1 reason is freedom, followed by ability to choose projects and unlimited income potential.”

And according to a study from job search site CareerCast, a corporate job working for someone else just might be too much of a stressful pinnacle of success.

The Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2014

1. Enlisted military personnel
2. Military general
3. Firefighter
4. Airline pilot
5. Event coordinator
6. Public relations executive
7. Corporate executive (senior)
8. Newspaper reporter
9. Police officer
10. Taxi driver

The Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs of 2014

1. Audiologist
2. Hair stylist
3. Jeweler
4. University professor (tenured)
5. Seamstress/tailor
6. Dietitian
7. Medical records technician
8. Librarian
9. Multimedia artist
10. Drill-press operator

What’s your stress level like about your job? Are you ready for a career change? Do you want to shift into being your own boss with an unlimited earning potential over your lifetime and for generations to come?

Then it’s time to think about Shaklee. 🙂

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