Being Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise At Any Age

Wisdom comes with…?

We help people create healthier lives with Shaklee Products. We help people achieve independently wealthier lives with the Shaklee Opportunity. But wisdom only comes from experience, knowledge, and learning how to live well. That’s why we try to help people with all the information that we share. Here are some more words of wisdom…

“In our culture, everything happens at the speed of youth. Whether  it’s cell phones, computers, songs, movies, books or opinions, it seems  that only the newest models and latest releases matter. Whatever it is,  if it’s been around for a while, it’s probably lost some value along  with its straight-out-of-the-package luster.

And that might be inevitable when it comes to the latest iPad. But it  makes no sense when it comes to people. Because while our culture is  inclined to associate aging with a downgrade in beauty, vitality and  appeal, aging done well has the potential to be something else entirely: an enjoyable and inspiring upgrade of self.

Unlike the boundless energy of youth, the treasures of aging don’t  just arrive at our doorsteps, though. While it is entirely possible to  become more interesting, attractive and dynamic as you age, it rarely  happens without some conscious striving.

That said, it’s well worth the effort. Done right, living brings  wisdom, emotional maturity and insight. With age comes experience,  skill, discernment and perspective. We become more empathetic. We  develop the compassion to fully know and love others, and the confidence  to relax into our best attributes. We gain the ability to know — and  even strut — our own stuff.

Seen in this light, getting older can be downright sexy. But how does  one go about engaging in artful aging? One of the best ways is to start  early.

Knowing at 20, 30 or 40 that you can, and fully intend to, become  cooler, smarter and potentially hotter as you age gives you an important  advantage, because it can help you keep your goals and priorities in  line over the long haul. It also helps you focus on the end game, so you  don’t get stuck thinking that midlife achievements are the highest  markers of a life well lived.

But at whatever age you suddenly realize that you are, in fact,  getting older, it is still possible to age gracefully from there on out.  All it takes is smart choices, well-directed energy and a desire for  self-renewal. As best-selling author and journalist Gail Sheehy puts it,  we need to “remain open to new vistas of learning and imagination and  anticipate experiences yet to be conquered and savored.””

Excerpted from “5 Ways to Get Healthier & Happier With Age” from Experience Life

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