Shaklee Pure Performance Athletes are Sochi Bound!

What could be sweeter for an athlete than a chance at Olympic glory? (Not even this orange, raspberry, blueberry Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothee with strawberry mix can compete on the sweetness scale.)

“We’re excited to be gearing up for Sochi with our Shaklee-sponsored Pure Performance Team! Over the years, Shaklee is proud to have fueled the dreams of many athletes. In fact, Shaklee-powered athletes have won over 100 medals at both the summer and winter Games.

We’re proud to announce that a total of 19 Shaklee-powered athletes will be competing in the 2014 Games in Sochi! Shaklee products are powering our elite athletes and fueling their dreams from start to finish, so that they can train longer, recover faster and perform better to make their record-breaking achievements possible.

The Team has now expanded to more than 45 world-class athletes from a variety of sports, with more than 25 medals to their credit from recent Games. They are the best of the best, and all of them benefit from some of our outstanding Shaklee products including: Shaklee Vitalizer™, Vivix®, Shaklee Performance® pure hydration drink, Shaklee Energy™ Chews, and Shaklee 180®.

Shaklee would like to congratulate our Pure Performance Team athletes who have qualified for the Games in Sochi this winter, and introduce you to the members of our team.

–Lanny Barnes, Biathlon –Kacey Bellamy, Ice Hockey –Megan Bozek, Ice Hockey –Craig Brown, Curling –Erika Brown, Curling –Brianna Decker, Ice Hockey –Kris Freeman, Cross-country skiing –Peter Frenette, Ski jumping –Jamie Greubel, Bobsled –Kelly Gunther, Long Track Speedskating –Brian Hansen, Long Track Speedskating –Jeff Isaacson, Curling –John Landsteiner, Curling –Brianne McLaughlin, Ice Hockey –Jordan Malone, Short Track Speedskating –Jilleanne Rookard, Long Track Speedskating –Molly Schaus, Ice Hockey –Curt Tomasevicz, Bobsled –Jared Zezel, Curling

Here’s where you can find Pure Performance athlete highlights and information to share:

Of special note is a terrific story of selflessness and sisterly love between two of our sponsored Pure Performance athletes, twin sisters Tracy & Lanny Barnes. Tracy made the ultimate sacrifice and now her story is being talked about around the world.

U.S. Biathlete Tracy Barnes was named to the Team; however, her twin sister Lanny fell ill during the trials and was unable to participate in enough of the races she needed to qualify. So, in honor of friendship, cooperation, and sacrifice Tracy declined her spot on the Team. This freed up a spot so that Lanny could be named to the Team.

Tracy and Lanny appeared recently on the Today Show to tell their story. Here is a clip to share:
Video – Best Person in Sports: Tracy Barnes
More articles about Tracy and Lanny:

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