Who Do You Know That Might Want To Know More


We’ve lost that “lovin’ feeling”. Actually, more like that personal touch. Technologically speaking anyway, there’s been so much more we can accomplish but at the same time a lot of us have lost the ability to start with the basics of human communication. And in a business, especially a Shaklee business, that personal relationship and connection with your customer is everything.

This is a perfect time to revisit this list below. Don’t think about who you can email, or message on social media (not for the moment), but instead think about who you can reach out to over the phone or in person. Make that extra effort to talk with people in your life, to get to know them a little, to share about you and what you’re doing or offering, and it will not only enhance your business, but it will enhance your life.

Who Do You Know?

Use this handy list of nearly 100 questions to get you thinking about all the people in your life you can talk to about Shaklee.

Who is dissatisfied with his/her job?
Who is unhappy with his/her income?
Who is concerned about the environment?
Who manages your apartment?
Who is money oriented/motivated?
Who needs extra money?
Who sells real estate?
Who are your friends?
Who quit their job/out of work?
Your brothers/sisters?
Your parents?
Your cousins?
Your children?
Your aunts/uncles?
Your spouse’s relatives?
Who did you go to school with?
Who do you work with?
Who is the best athlete you know?
Who works part-time jobs?
Who is laid off?
Who bought a new home?
Who is the person everyone goes to for advice?
Who gave you a business card?
Who has allergies?
Who delivers pizza to your home?
Who has been in network marketing?
Who needs a new car?
Who wants to go on vacation?
Who works too hard?
Who lives in your neighborhood?
Who is the most successful entrepreneur you know?
Who is retired?
Who wants freedom?
Who likes team sports?
Who is the most optimistic person you know?
Who watches television often?
Who likes political campaigns?
Who works at night?
Who belongs to the Chamber of Commerce?
Who do your friends know?
Who is your dentist?
Who Is your doctor?
Who is wealthy?
Who works at your bank?
Who is on your holiday card list?
Who is in retail sales?
Who are social networkers?
Who repairs your house?
Who works for the government?
Who is unemployed?
Who attends self improvement seminars?
Who reads self-help books?
Who reads books on success?
Your children’s friend’s parents?
Who was your boss?
Who is the best leader you know?
Who have you met while on vacation?
Who waits on you at restaurants?
Who cuts your hair?
Who does your taxes?
Who answers the classified ads?
Who likes to dance?
Who sold you your car?
Who did you meet at a recent party?
Who likes to buy things?
Who have you met on a plane?
Who does volunteer work?
Who is your boss?
Who calls you at home?
Who calls you at work?
Who delivers your paper?
Who handles your gardening?
Who watches your children?
Who attends your church?
Who did you meet on the street?
Who have you met through your friends?
Who tailors your clothes?
Your parent’s friends?
Who bags your groceries?
Who is in the military?
Who recycles?
Who does your nails?
Who exercises regularly?
Who will help you?
Who has children in college?
Who is the best teacher you know?
Who owns his/her own business?
Who enjoys being around high energy people?
Who works on cars?
Who is the most involved in the community?
Who is a fundraiser?

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