To Sleep, Perchance To Dream, Perhaps To Fulfill


Are you sleepwalking through your life in a career that you are not in control of? When your alarm goes off, do you want to hit that snooze button and just go back to bed? Are your dreams just the stuff of the subconscious?

Here’s what to ask yourself if you’ve got that overall tired feeling in life:

1. Is it actual fatigue caused by insufficient nighttime zzzs?
(Studies show you need 7-8 hours a night of sleep and there are triggers that can interrupt the natural sleep process if they are done too close to bedtime-drinking caffeine, vigorous exercising, a heavy meal to digest, increase in temperature, or too much light from electronic devices.
There are natural ways to induce a more restful sleep too, like the scent of lavender essential oil, a relaxing bath, noise reduction with ear plugs, drinking chamomile tea, or taking a product like Shaklee’s “Gentle Sleep Complex” with passiona flower and valerian as well.)

2. Is your lack of energy related to other nutritional deficiencies?
(Take Shaklee’s “Rx for Life” and start everyday off right with a complete soy protein “Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothee”, immune support with “Nutriferon”, a boost in energy at the cellular level with “Vivix”, and the most advanced multi-vitamin/mineral supplement on the market with “Vitalizer”. You’ll feel better in 30 days, or your money back.)

3. Are you just not motivated because your work life does not inspire you to lead your best life?
(Now this is the heaviest question of all. And might even be the hardest to answer truthfully with yourself.
Some people believe you can not make a job out of following your passions. They believe you can not make real money by being in business for yourself. And they even believe they are not lucky enough to follow the path of their dreams, that it’s only for other blessed people, but not for them.
And yet, there is an opportunity to do all of those things that millions of people have already taken advantage of, including us. With Shaklee, you earn an income, of unlimited potential, and help yourself have and do all the things you want to have and do in your life, just by helping other people do the same. It was a novel concept when it was created by Dr. Shaklee in 1956, and it’s a viable option even in today’s fast-paced world.)

For us, the only actual nightmare would be to not try, to be stuck, and to be too afraid to reach for our dreams.

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