Do What You LOVE & Get Recognized For It

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As Robert Green Ingersoll said, “The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.” As week 1 of the Sochi Olympics comes to a close, it has been so encouraging to see the many athletes that are not only doing what they love and winning at it, but losing so graciously. It must feel so exhilarating to celebrate your own physical perseverance, stand on a podium with a medal with all of the world watching, and be rewarded for the sport you do because you love doing it.

We have a similar feeling within the Shaklee world. (We know firsthand what that experience is like actually and it’s empowering indeed!) Shaklee loves to put you on stage to shine when you have successes. Just add that feature to the long list of why anyone and everyone should want to be a a part of the Shaklee family.

Happy Love Yourself, Others, & What You Do Day! Happy V-Day! Want to get recognized for sharing what you do?

“Be a VIP at Regionals!

We’re rolling out the “red carpet” at Regionals for those of you who are increasing your share, promoting in rank and growing on the FastTRACK.

Qualify as Regional VIP and you’ll have the opportunity to attend exclusive events with the Shaklee Corporate Team plus get special seating and on-stage recognition!
Attend a special VIP luncheon when you’re recognized for sponsoring – Be among the top 50 Business Leaders in your region who earn the greatest number of sponsoring points between February 1, 2014 and March 15, 2014 and you’ll earn: •An invitation for two (must be on DBA to attend) to attend an exclusive VIP Luncheon on Saturday hosted by President of Shaklee North America, Dan Rajczak and Shaklee Executives.
•VIP Seating at Regionals
•On-stage recognition at Regionals.

Attend a special VIP reception when you promote to a new rank – Promote to a new rank during the month of February and you’ll earn:
•An invitation for you and your upline Business Leader to attend a Friday night VIP Reception hosted by President of Shaklee North American, Dan Rajczak and Shaklee Executives.
•VIP Seating at Regionals
•A New Rank Ribbon
•On-stage recognition at Regionals.

Please note: Shaklee Master Coordinators are invited to attend the VIP Reception at the Regional in their area.

Get celebrated on stage for your FastTRACK success – Earn a FastTRACK Bonus between July 2013 and February 2014 and you’ll receive:
•VIP Seating at Regionals
•A FastTRACK Ribbon
•On-stage recognition at Regionals.”

Don’t miss your chance to be recognized! Register for Regionals today:
You must be registered for the Regional Conference in your area by March 15, 2014 to be recognized.

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