Cut The Costs Of Your Medicine Cabinet

Driving by an old “drug store” today on the main street of a small town really reminded me of the significance in language about going to a Pharmacy to purchase drugs/medicine. This is not the same as natural medicine or preventive care, it is for drug treatment or emergency care. And yet the word medicine is used loosely most of the time.

Our first medicine is truly our food, the fuel from which our bodies extract nutrients that we need to maintain health. And then there are medicinal plants, herbs that have certain healing properties. The next level would be the supplements that take those whole foods and other plant extracts and formulate them for easy, regular use. These are all so crucial for staying healthy, staying well in a holistic way.

But sometimes you need allopathic solutions, what is considered, ironically, as traditional methods in today’s terms. (Our ancient connections to what nature provides us is the true traditional route, passed down from generations of every culture.) That’s why synthetic versions, or drugs, exist, and continue to be introduced. Not to build up to health, but to “solve” health problems that exist in an immediate and critical way.

Unfortunately, this system has become very confusing and our the medical establishment is mostly focused on treatment, and not prevention. It is important to have and to know what your drug medicine cabinet should consist of. And it is just as important to have and know what your options are for your natural medicine cabinet. In fact, in our opinion, it is most important. Because we at RLEI are focused on natural health and wellness to create healthier lives overall.

Shaklee has a multitude of products that address a multitude of health needs. Ask us about where you can start cutting costs in your other medicine cabinet today.

And you can find those products here: 

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