Big Dreams, Big Business, Big News


That small step in attending a Shaklee Regional Conference might lead to bigger things for your business ahead. And you’ll be the first to preview a product bundle, which will be BIG NEWS this summer, from Shaklee.

Register here. Or come as our guest to Long Beach on Friday, April 4th. 2014.

Special for attendees only!
Be the first to try our new product!

As a registered Regional Conference attendee, you’ll receive a NEW product preview bundle (without final label) – for FREE — a full month before this product is introduced at Shaklee Live 2014. And that’s just one fantastic reason for attending.

See what these Shaklee Business Leaders had to say about changing their focus and belief – and growing their business – after attending a Shaklee event:

“Senior Master Coordinators Carlos Blanco (CA) and Jennifer Glacken (OH) were impeccable. They simplified the art of building a Shaklee business, while helping us to see our place in the bigger picture – the Shaklee Effect™. I’ve never felt so empowered and well equipped. I am ten times more confident in sharing The Shaklee Difference™ after attending this event. Now there is no excuse for me not to be a success!” — Tiffany Vin (Coordinator, CA)

“My upline leaders stress the importance of attending Shaklee events and while I’ve always understood the importance of attending Global Conference, I realized to keep that momentum growing; I needed to be at other events as well. After participating in the North American Kickoff event in January, I embraced “Implementing the Shaklee Effect!” I left the event with a stronger belief in our opportunity and in myself. I recommitted to earning the Dream trip and sharing more Shaklee. I was able to promote to Senior Coordinator and see Executive Coordinator in my near future. You can’t afford to miss a Shaklee event.”–Trista Walker (Senior Coordinator, IL)

“After coming back from a Shaklee event, my team and I are stronger than ever! Going to events helps us learn how to get over our fears and focus on helping people. And we often have at least one person advance in rank right before or after attending a Shaklee event. Attending is a MUST if you are serious about growing your business!” — Bonnie Donahue (Senior Executive Coordinator, IL)

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