Spring Detoxing La La La La La!

“Do you remember how refreshed and energized you feel after a good shower? A shower just cleans off your outer skin, but a detox helps your body clean every cell and organ in your body.

Your body can use this energy to lose weight if it wants to, or deal with a health challenge, or maybe just feel happier!

Why do we NEED to get rid of toxins?

Toxins from Outside:

The average newborn baby has 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord.

Thousands of toxic chemicals have been released into our ecosystem and we know little about their impact on human health.  We inhale them, swallow them in our food and water and absorb them through our skin.

The average newborn baby has 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord blood according to the Environmental Working Group. It makes you wonder how many we as adults have?

Toxins Generated From Within:

The cells in our body are always producing waste as a natural result of metabolism.

When we don’t completely digest foods, they become toxic.

Partially digested food is just one source of toxins from within.

Our bodies are amazing! They deal with constant waves of harmful toxins from within and without, and still keep on ticking. Unfortunately our cleansing systems are often overworked and waste builds up in our bodies. When waste accumulates, chronic conditions can develop. This is one of the ways our body degenerates.

When the weather is warm, your body naturally relaxes and lets go (of toxins).

As the earth goes through the seasons, our body adjusts to the changes. Just as we wear different clothes to suit the season, we also consume seasonal foods with enthusiasm. Those foods are the ones for the season and work well in our body at that time. Some of those foods are efficient in helping the body detox.

There has been a trend to detox and cleanse all year round.  A detox/cleanse done improperly can create an imbalance as it can push toxins deeper into the body.

When it is cold, your body naturally tightens, holds on and needs more fuel.

Why Winter is not the best season to detox:

  • In the winter our body is tired and cold. Time for rest and deep nourishment, and to recharge our energy stores to keep us strong for the season we are in.
  • We perspire less in the winter. When we cleanse we are loosening the toxins but they stay in the body.
  • It is natural to eat root vegetables and our body craves denser foods to deeply nourish our body to help keep us warm.

Winter is the time to create new habits and the time to do GENTLE Cleansing!

Why is Spring a Good Time to Detox?

  • Spring brings new growth and regeneration; it is a good time to refresh our systems.
  • Waste builds up during the winter so we need to clean out.
  • According to the Chinese, spring is the time to cleanse and nourish the liver!
  • The transition from winter to spring is a great time to move towards losing weight and cleanse accumulated toxins from the body.

    It is possible to clean out your body so it is more fully alive.

What happens when we detox?

  • Give the digestion system a break with lots of easy to digest fruits and alkaline vegetables; also no gluten products.
  • Eat foods full of fiber and pectin to help cleanse the bowel.
  • Eat specific foods to feed and energize the cleansing organs of liver and kidney and skin.”

From “When Is The Best Time To Detox?” By 

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