Even Olympic Champions Learn From Losing, Not Winning


We had the privilege of listening to Olympic medal winning athlete, Jordan Malone, over the weekend at Shaklee’s Spring Regional Conference share his 4 most important steps to becoming successful in all that you do. He is a 16 time world champion in speedskating and let us all revel (and play with) his Bronze shorttrack medal from Vancouver and Silver shorttrack medal from Sochi.

As he said, it can be hard to put in all the effort, have the endurance needed, but it’s a simple process. And success is an ongoing process that requires fortitude. But he always sticks to this process:

1. Taking your dream, whatever it is, and turning it into a tangible goal. Setting goals over and and over again as you accomplish them.

2. Having an actual plan. That is consistent.

3. Using your inner drive to the best of your ability. That drive needs to fuel you, keep the fire inside lit.

4. Bring it all home and “close”. Know that you’ll need to bring focus, strength, and dedication to making that success happen in the clutch moments of life.

In his case, he brings it all to fruition in just the few moments he has on the ice in his sport with the Olympic spotlight on him. Quite remarkable!

But he really says it best of all here…taking all that into account…”We learn from losing, not the winning.”

Look for him to maybe go for gold at the next winter Olympics. And if not, we know he’ll be successful in all his other future endevours!

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