How Fast Can You Go?


FastTRACK Clock Now Starts at Director

From this point forward, your FastTRACK clock starts the moment you become a new Director!
FastTRACK is a supercharged career path that gives new Business Leaders the ability to earn up to $84,000 in additional bonuses, on the road to Master Coordinator!

Who’s eligible?

FastTRACK is open to all new Directors who promote April 30th, 2014 or later. A new Director is someone who meets either of the following conditions:

Never before held the rank of Director, or
Was not a Business Leader in March 2014 PV month, meets the requirements of the Five Year Rule and has never earned a FastTRACK reward.
Before earning any FastTRACK Award, you must be a Gold Ambassador by purchasing a Gold, Gold Plus or Super Gold PAK or by paying the $150 Gold Ambassador Fee.

Five Year Rule – During the period of July 2008 PV month through June 2013 PV month, they held the Paid As Rank of Director or higher for fewer than four consecutive months. Months in which a Volume Grace Month or waiver was taken do not count as months in which the Paid As Rank of Director was held.


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