The Road To Long Beach Is Paved With GOLD

“New Golds Earn Free Registration for Shaklee Live 2014!

This valuable limited time promotion allows you to share The Shaklee Effect™ and help new Distributors to make an immediate commitment to come to Long Beach in August! From April 1 to August 1, 2014, when a new Distributor joins with the purchase of a Gold PAK, they will receive one free registration to Shaklee Live 2014 in Long Beach, a $249 value. If they join with a Gold Plus or Super Gold PAK, they will receive two free registrations for Shaklee Live 2014, a $498 value.

This is an incredible opportunity you can offer to new people that can be worth up to $498 for someone who joins with Gold! It’s a great way to inspire new people to come to Long Beach, where they will learn how to successfully grow their business at Shaklee Live, our most exciting, energizing, and purposeful event of the year.

Plus, you earn personal sponsoring points towards rewards for the Share the Effect Promotion as well as for trips and Star Achiever Recognition!

10 points for a new Distributor with a $599 Gold Plus PAK
5 points for a new Distributor with a $299 Gold PAK
During the promotional period, anyone who joins with a Gold, Gold Plus or Super Gold PAK, will receive a congratulatory email announcement from Shaklee Events advising them of this great opportunity with instructions on how to register.

We will soon also be including an insert on this promotional offer in all new Gold, Gold Plus and Super Gold PAKs.

Restrictions: The free registration(s) offer must be used for the 2014 Global Conference only. They cannot be carried forward. They cannot be redeemed for the value of the registration(s). Free registrations are not transferrable. However, if a Distributor who qualifies for free registration has already purchased a registration to Shaklee Live 2014, his/her payment shall be refunded.
This offer is not retroactive. Purchasers of Gold PAKs prior to April 1, 2014 will not be awarded free registrations.
Registrations may ONLY be used by working members of the qualifying distributorship. Thus, if a new Distributor purchases a Gold Plus or Super Gold PAK, but there is only one working member on record with Shaklee, they will receive only one registration.”

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