Come To Long Beach And Be Part Of The Shaklee Effect™


Top 10 reasons to join us in sunny Long Beach this August for Shaklee Live 2014!

Reason No. 10: See your Shaklee family

Shaklee isn’t just a company – it’s a family and Shaklee Global Conference is the biggest family reunion of the year! Come to Long Beach and hang out with your Shaklee friends from around the country and make new friends that will last a lifetime.

Reason No. 9: Get trained

Shaklee Global Conference will give you and your team tons of opportunities to gain and fine tune your business building skills and product knowledge with hands-on training at workshops.

Reason No. 8: Network with top Leaders!

Shaklee Global Conference is your time to learn the secrets of successful leaders from all over the country. Everyone from Master Coordinators with over 30 years of experience to up and coming new leaders who are experiencing a surge of growth. You’ll have opportunities to meet, connect and learn from people experiencing the success you envision for yourself!

Reason No. 7: Meet the Shaklee Home Team

Shaklee Global Conference gives you a unique opportunity to meet the Shaklee Home Office Team – everyone from Shaklee Scientists to our Product Team and Field Support. You’ll get to interact with the folks who support your Shaklee business each and every day.

Reason No. 6: Be in the know

Be among the first to learn about everything new in Shaklee…new products, new promotions, new programs to lift your business!

Reason No. 5: Sun, sand and the Queen Mary!

The City of Long Beach has invested over $1 billion dollars into its downtown waterfront area, making it one of the most dynamic seaside destinations in the country and the Shaklee Family will be headquartered right in the heart of the action – at the Long Beach Convention Center – within walking distance of world-class shopping, dining, entertainment, and attractions such as the Queen Mary, the Aquarium of the Pacific, whale watching, and of course…the beach!

Reason No. 4: Recognition

You’ve worked hard all year…now let’s celebrate! Come to Shaklee Global Conference where we’ll have all kinds of exciting ways to put the spotlight on you!

Reason No. 3: Roger

There is nothing like seeing our dynamic, visionary CEO Roger Barnett live and in person! When you come to Shaklee Global Conference, you get a unique opportunity to hear Roger share from the heart about The Shaklee Effect and how you are a part of it!

Reason No. 2: Inspiration

There is something electric, exciting, empowering about the atmosphere at Shaklee Global Conference that will inspire you to hit the ground running and fast forward your business growth!
And, drum roll please…

Reason No. 1: Growth!

Successful Leaders know what our experience has proven – attendees at Shaklee Global Conference are more likely to become a Business Leader and are more likely to advance in rank!

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