When Looking Good Is Bad For Baby

One of the most poignant times of a woman’s life is when she is preparing to bring a new life into the world. There’s many things to consider, to adjust to, and to learn as everyone gets ready for a new member in the family. Most women nowadays have been counseled by a doctor who has advised them to take certain extra supplements. And many women, in doing their own research and connecting with other moms, discover that there may be certain hazardous items around the house to remove for safety reasons for baby. But one of the most overlooked aspects to consider are what dangerous chemicals are being used and kept around the mom-to-be, ingested on a daily basis in foods and drinks, and being absorbed on the skin, hair, and nails. There are many potentially toxic ingredients in things all the time that are not only affecting mom’s health, but the development and growth of baby.

Check out some Shaklee Enfuselle skin care, personal care and beauty products here that are the natural, healthy alternative, products you can actually trust to keep you and ultimately your baby safe. You don’t have to eliminate all the products you use in grooming, etc., just replace them with better choices. Even dad can get in on this action!

And when baby has arrived, you can make sure they have products that are safe just for them too! Shakleebaby will welcome them right into the healthy family! 

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