Bali, Beaches, But A Few Points Away?


Who wouldn’t want to be swept away to Bali? Or the beaches of Mexico?

Earn points for Bali & Playa del Carmen by June 30

“How close are you to earning the trip of your dreams?

Check the Dream Tracker to review your points so far.

Looking for ways to earn points in the final weeks of qualification for the 2014 incentive year?

You know that you earn points with sponsoring with a purchase of 50 PV or more, volume growth, new rank advancement and leadership development. But there may be a few ways you can get those last points you need to qualify for trips and recognition that you haven’t thought of:

Shaklee Cares® Points:
Shaklee Cares points are a great way to get up to 10 points!

1 point is awarded for the donation of any one of the available Shaklee Cares Product Packs (limit 10). To purchase Shaklee Cares Packs, go to and type “Shaklee Cares” in the search box to take you directly to the packs available for donation.
AutoShip Points:
Double your sponsoring points with AutoShip!

Double the points earned for any new Member, Distributor, GOLD Ambassador, or Super GOLD Ambassador when they maintain a minimum 100PV AutoShip for 3 months (doesn’t have to be consecutive) during the qualification period. Remember, the final AutoShip must ship before 6/30/14!
Longevity Points:

Be sure to check the “Miscellaneous” section of your tracker to see how many of these you have. You earn one point for every full year you have been in Shaklee through June 30, 2013 plus one point for the year you will complete during the Qualification Period.

In addition to accumulating the required points, remember that you must have at least 50 points in the Sponsoring Category, at least 10 of which are for Personal Sponsoring. And, we’ve raised the cap on how many sponsoring points you can earn — from 125 to 250 — through June 30th enabling you to earn more points towards the trips by doing the activity that will create the greatest growth in your business – sponsoring new Distributors and Members with a 50 PV purchase or more.

We also want to make sure you’re aware that you must have reached the rank of Coordinator by March 2014 PV month and then maintain for three additional consecutive months (through June). Be a Paid As Coordinator or above for a minimum of 4 consecutive months during the qualification period (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014) – after that, don’t let your Paid As rank drop below Senior Director and no Volume Grace Months or waivers – through the month of the trip.
The “No Volume Grace Month” period starts right after you complete 4 months as a Paid As Coordinator and continues through the month of the trip – December 2014.

Be sure to double check the number of points you can earn for each of the qualification categories.”

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