A Tremendous Value All Around

Just announced!  Starting June 5th, Share the Effect now offers a second free product –Shaklee 180® Mango Energizing Smoothee – for anyone who joins with a minimum 200 PV order!  That’s two free products for a new Member or Distributor whose join order is 200 PV or more. 

This month’s free products – Stress Relief Complex* and Shaklee 180 Mango Energizing Smoothee – have a combined retail value of over $80, making this an excellent value for anyone who wants a great start with the best health and wellness products on the planet! 

For anyone who wants to start sharing the best products, the value is really tremendous.  That’s because when a new Distributor joins with a Gold PAK, they not only get the two free products, they also qualify for a free registration to our Shaklee Live 2014 event in Long Beach – two free registrations if they join with a Gold Plus PAK!

There’s even more great news.  This tremendous value – two free products and up to two free Shaklee Live registrations – is also open to your Members who want to upgrade with a Gold or Gold Plus PAK.

To get started, go here!

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