Purpose: love + skills + need + money


We just love this graphic! It really gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to answering that familiar question in life, “So what do you do?”

Can you answer that question feeling confident that you are fulfilling your purpose? Some research suggests that up to 40% of Americans are not happy in their “jobs”, and in fact even hate them. That doesn’t mean we all should be doing the same thing, or that there’s only 1 answer, it just means that somehow we’re overall not making the connection between what we do to make money, what we love doing, what we have skills at, and what the world needs from us. If there was an opportunity for all those things to come into alignment for you, would you be willing to listen?

50 years ago in our family, there was Bob Ewing, an architect, and his wife Pat, a stay at home mom. They were maybe living a life that had almost all of those aspects lined up, but not entirely. They struggled financially, had a lot of stress. And especially Pat did not have that passion, or spark she would eventually be fueled by for the next 50 years. They did not know they would fall in love with nutrition, or helping people live healthier lives. They had no idea that would lead them to great wealth either. They simply sat down for a presentation about what Shaklee’s purpose was as a company, and they listened.

If you would like to learn more, and nothing more than just learning about Shaklee’s Opportunity, contact us today.

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