New Shaklee Year, New Star Achievers

It’s a New Shaklee Year, yipee!

And there are some changes for all you future Shaklee Star Achievers. There is no 1 way to be recognized in Shaklee for accomplishments – there’s 6 ways in fact! And how you do it is up to you, everybody will be building a different picture for their business. But anybody has a chance to be a Shaklee VIP!

“We’re bringing the rock star treatment to the Regionals!

We love recognizing you for your commitment to share Shaklee, and this qualification period we’re doing it in a new way by bringing the recognition experience to the Spring Regionals!

When you commit to sharing the Shaklee Effect this qualification period (7/1/14 – 2/28/15), you can be recognized in one or more of the following categories (see chart).


Working towards earning Maui? No problem, you earn points for recognition the same way that you earn them for the Celebrate the Effect Incentive Trip! Plus there are no limits to the number of points that can be earned in the Sponsoring Category, which is capped for the Incentive Trip.

[1] All new rank achievers who are promoted to their highest appointed rank two full months prior to Shaklee Live 2015 will be recognized. You do not need to have held your new rank for four consecutive months to be recognized at Shaklee Live 2015 (however, the ranks of Key Coordinator and above require 3 months of maintenance before you are appointed to and recognized at that rank), but you must be paid as the new rank in June 2015. New rank is defined according to the Five-Year Rule on page 8 of the 2014-2015 Shaklee Incentive Programs booklet.”

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