Feel Better Or Get Your Money Back


Where do you buy your vitamins/supplements? From the grocery store? How about the drug store/pharmacy? Do they have a 100% money back guarantee with every bottle, can, or box?

Since 1956, Shaklee products have come with a guarantee. They are always natural, always safe, and always work. In fact, they even have patents on their delivery systems that prove they get absorbed in the right amounts, right where they should in the body for maximum benefit.

Sure, it might save time to pick-up and purchase your vitamins at the conventional store while you are there anyway buying other items or you might save money going with a store brand. But what are you really saving in the end if the products don’t actually work?

We believe in helping people save themselves from a lot of health costs down the road with prevention, with supplements that truly help you create wellness. You can order through us directly, it just takes an email or a phone call, or you can order online anytime at our Shaklee Shop. You’re going to feel better or you’re going to get your money back!

949-645-7373 or 800-932-7373 toll-free


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