Change Your Attitude, Your Business, Your Life


“Ready for our biggest celebration of the year?! Shaklee Live 2014 will be full of excitement, announcements, entertainment, learning, fun and networking that can change your attitude about your business, and literally change your life in the process. That’s The Shaklee Effect™.

Here are some great tips and advice for taking full advantage of everything you experience in Long Beach to build your business and personal relationships long after you’ve returned home.

  • Build your business before you leave. Make sure August is strong before you even step on the plane to Long Beach. Take advantage of the high and momentum you’ll feel in the weeks following Shaklee Live and fill your calendar with conference calls and meetings for when you return home. Use that excitement to build all year long!
  • Network! Shaklee Live is a great opportunity to meet other people and get inspired by their successes as well as learn how other people build a successful Shaklee business. A good rule of thumb is to introduce yourself to at least three people who are at the rank you want to achieve. You’re guaranteed to get some insights that can help you take your Shaklee business to the next level, and maybe make a new friend!
  • Focus on the big picture! You will get a lot of information during your stay in Long Beach…don’t worry about trying to remember all of it. Instead, focus on main points/highlights. There will be handouts and tools on that you can review to get the details you may have missed.
  • The best things may come when you least expect them. You may be out to eat or just sitting resting your feet, but wherever you go, be mindful that there is an opportunity to make a connection that can lead to a new tip, business builder, or customer. Bring business cards, Product Guides and a few product samples. Thanks to technology, you can take your business with you everywhere you go.
  • Stay Connected! Make sure you’ve downloaded and are engaging with the new Shaklee Events App. Bring your smart phone (on silent of course!) to general sessions and workshops so you can share the excitement of Shaklee Live announcements with your social media networks. With the Shaklee Events mobile app, you can be part of it – before, during the event, and afterward!
  • Stay energized! Don’t forget your Shaklee Energy Chews, favorite Shaklee 180® products and other healthy snacks to sustain your energy in between meals.
  • Be comfortable! Long Beach is warm in August, with average highs in the mid to upper 80’s and average lows in the mid-60’s. However, temperatures may vary widely between indoor and outdoor environments at the hotels and Convention Center—so make sure to carry a light jacket or sweater.
  • Use Your Free Time Wisely! Take advantage of your free time to meet with your team, revisit your plan for the year and enjoy some of the attractions in sunny Long Beach!
  • Get a Deal! Be prepared to take advantage of special registration discounts for the 2015 Shaklee Live when you register at Long Beach, and an extra 25 points toward the 2015 Incentive Trip when you do!”

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