The Courage To Change

Shaklee Live was a whirlwind of information! There are blockbuster new products and new Healthy Foundations & Healthy Solutions Regimens to introduce…do you have the courage to change where your health is at right now with these incredible products?

One of the coolest announcements is that you can now get a FREE MEMBERSHIP when you start with any of Shaklee’s product kits, whether it’s the Healthy Home, Healthy Beauty, or SmartHeart products. This is in addition to the existing offer with the Healthy Weight Turnaround, Lean & Healthy, or Shaklee180 Smoothee Kits as well as with a Healthy Nutrition Vitalizer purchase.

So here are ALL the options available to earn that $39 value + 15% off prices:

  • Healthy Foundation Kit #89336 (Vitalizer™ & Vitalizing Protein™)
  • Healthy Solutions Kit #89337 (OmegaGuard®, MindWorks™, Vivix®)
  • Healthy Solutions Plus Kit #89347 (OmegaGuard®, MindWorks™, Vivix® + NutriFeron®)
  • SmartHeart™ Kit  #89338 (OmegaGuard® , CoQHeart® & Blood Pressure®)
  • SmartHeart™ Kit  #89346 (OmegaGuard® , CoQHeart® & Cholesterol Reduction Complex†)
  • Enfuselle® Nutrition Therapy Skin Care Kit (#50916 –  Normal to Dry | #50914 -Normal to Oily)
  • Get Clean® Starter Kit (#50456 Regular Scent |  #50457 Fragrance Free)
  • Shaklee 180® Turnaround™ Kit #89280
  • Shaklee 180® Lean & Healthy Kit #89281
  • Shaklee 180® Smoothee Kit #89326
  • Vitalizer™ (Men #20282 | Women #20283 | Gold #20284 | Gold without K #20285)

And now through September 30th, you can get FREE SHIPPING too! Up to $20 on standard shipping with all of those options.

Get started by going here:

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